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IMAGINE earning a 2nd income from betting on horse races with access to the profitable FormBet horse ratings, VIP members forum, betting strategy advice, Trends Analysis & AutoBet Software. Also get access to the NEW FormBet Ratings DataBase !

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Plans and Pricing for Horse Racing Service

Our 2014/15 Jumps Season (+ All-Weather) subscriptions are open until the first week in early November. Get in quick, before 8th November,
so you don’t miss out on our expert horse race service. If you have any questions do Get In Touch.



  • Monthly Ratings
  • Stats for Trainer, Jockey etc
  • Basic AutoBet with Gruss
  • Ratings Training Videos
  • VIP Forum + Live Chat
  • System & Stats Analysis
  • Ratings Database
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  • Weekly Ratings
  • Stats for Trainer, Jockey etc
  • Basic AutoBet with Gruss
  • Ratings Training Videos
  • VIP Forum + Live Chat
  • System & Stats Analysis
  • Ratings Database
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  • Daily Ratings
  • Stats for Trainer, Jockey etc
  • Basic AutoBet with Gruss
  • Ratings Training Videos
  • VIP Forum + Live Chat
  • System & Stats Analysis
  • Ratings Database

New Ideas

At FormBet we are constantly looking at new methods and ideas to help members achieve profits through their horse racing analysis and betting and are there every step of the way to help give advice. We also listen to all feedback from subscribers to improve the data & service to continue to provide VALUE.

Stats & Systems

With so much data and so-called ‘experts’ out there, many with no proof of results, it can be difficult to find a genuine service. At FormBet we provide you with ratings, stats, betting strategy advice, trends analysis & unique angles to help you arrive at solid decisions with your own personal betting or trading.

Video Training & Webinars

For Monthly and Season members we provide Video Training on how to get the best out of the Ratings and AutoBet software as well as produce a regular FREE webinar to address any questions, queries, ideas and suggestions that subscribers may have. Your feedback is important to us in the quest for profit.

 Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions you want answered please Get In Touch

How do I use the Ratings to find good bets ?

Good question and the answer is, however you want ! The ratings provide all the necessary information about a race, horse, trainer, jockey, sire, speed figures, pace data for YOU to make an informed decision about what represents a good bet and our POWer ratings are the best available to help you to do that.

For example if you had SIMPLY backed the FormBet POW1 Top-Rated runner since the flat season started you would have banked over +518pts profit blindly with an 8%+ ROI at BetfairSP less 2% Commission (chart below). How many ratings providers do you know who show a profit just backing their Top-rated blindly through an entire season ?

I will provide a set of training videos on how to use the ratings for those who signup for a 30-day or a Season subscription and provide helpful advice via email or via the private VIP members forum for those who join up for the whole season.

Here is a screenshot and sneak peek of the new FormBet Database that is being developed showing how well our Top-Rated POW1 selection has done this flat season 2014. This database research tool will be restricted to Season and Monthly subscribers only initially.

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Best Bets advice now offered via Betadvisor

Since 2012 I have provided Best Bets advice via FormBet, based on a combination of ratings, trends, stats and 20 years experience in picking winners making profit in each of the last 12 years betting professionally. However, the Best Bets are now ONLY going to be provided via the Betadvisor Tipster platform as they are better designed to handle distribution of betting advice, subscriptions, proofing, results recording etc leaving me free just to focus on analysing the Best Bets each weekend and for the big meetings.

Having used Betadvisor a few years ago with great success and profitability I am looking forward to getting back on board with them, they offer a 25% discount for 6-months and a massive 40% discount for 1 Year worth of betting advice. In addition I will also provide ALL FormBet subscribers with a 20% discount token to use so you can get up to a massive 60% discount for a 1 Year FormBet Best Bets subscription via Betadvisor !

Since providing the Best Bets in April 2012 they have shown a long term 30% Return On Investment and the ROI has improved year-on-year as the ratings have been re-modelled with fresh data to provide more accurate predictions. I had my most profitable every flat season in 2014 and expect to continue that success through 2015 and beyond. All historical results are provided at BSP less 5% Commission, no cherry-picking as some others do, winners and losers are all recorded.

An example of some winners is below along with the long-term profit chart. The key is to have a LONG TERM approach as I focus on value-priced selections there can be longer losing runs so patience, discipline and sensible staking are vital to long-term profitability and success.

22/12/2013 CAUSE OF CAUSES @ 36.86 BSP
31/5/2013 TALENT @ 26.61 BSP
27/7/2013 GALICIAN @ 49.55 BSP
30/11/2013 TRIOLO D’ALENE @ 43.07 BSP
28/12/2013 MOUNTAINOUS @ 25 BSP
25/1/2014 MASTER OF THE GAME @ 20.42 BSP
26/7/2014 HEAVY METAL @ 52.8 BSP
30/7/2014 MAGIQUE @ 36.91 BSP
22/8/2014 WHITE LAKE @ 40 BSP
30/8/2014 TREASURE THE RIDGE @ 64.2 BSP

These are just the winners from the last year or so priced at 20+, there have been numerous others at double-figure prices of 10+ which has resulted in the following very nice returns over the last few years showing it is possible to generate a 2nd income using the ratings data.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

Formbet is the cornerstone of my analysis when assessing races. I simply couldn’t do without it. Only when you’ve had access to the ratings does it become clear just how many errors the majority of punters are making, myself included. Since becoming a member, my betting has improved drastically as well as my enjoyment of the sport. Dave not only allows access to the ratings, but gives his time generously to answer any questions that subscribers have as well as just enjoying a chat about all things racing. I dare say I’ve learnt more through the online forum and chat room discussions with Dave than anything else.
Those looking for a ‘get rich quick’ turn-key solution for backing winners need not apply, but for those looking to take their betting to the next level and finally become a member of 2% of winning bettors should invest. Formbet ratings are worth their weight in gold.

Graham (RacingShark)

I have been a member of Formbet for many years now and can honestly say that the reason I am still here is because I find it an essential part of my betting portfolio. I can quite confidently say that Formbet is one of the reasons I enjoy success as a pro-punter these days.

The ratings offer so much wealth of information, there are literally golden nuggets lurking in almost every column of the daily sheets.

The price, which is crazy cheap when you consider what you get, fades into nothing against the power that you will have for winning with Formbet on your side.

I admit this sounds all well and good but why should you believe me?

Well, I spent a long time reviewing systems and ratings for Betting Index and I can assure you, if you ever read any of them, I said it how it was.

So, whether you know me or not, I can absolutely say that Formbet is on my list of betting essentials and I strongly suggest it becomes a feature on yours too! Tony Grant

I have been a Formbet member since the start & I have to say it has massively improved my betting analysis, the ratings offer an abundance of information which can find value bets with a little bit of hard work.
Also there is a members forum which has avlot of  very well clued up people who help each other with betting & profitable methods on how they use the ratings.Dave who runs the services is always there to help you with your data queries & points you in the right direction to help you to find the value bets.
I have to say also the amount of winners that I have found using the ratings are amazing it evens finds winner on horses that have never run before which you wouldn’t find in any other ratings service ,e.g White Lake @ 25/1.
Definitely the best ratings service I have came across in over 30 years of punting, a must for all punters.
James Cunningham

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Unfortunately the FormBet ratings don’t give me the winner of every race!

What they do provide is invaluable information, along with detailed analysis and suggested systems from FormBet members, that helps me make the RIGHT BET at the RIGHT PRICE in the RIGHT RACE.

Invaluable information that helps me MAKE MONEY from Horse Racing.

(Member since Day 1)

The Outsider

Just wanted to say that having been a member of Formbet for over nearly 5 years how good the service and ratings are. By far the best I have used in over 20 years of betting on horses.

The ratings are constantly evolving and there are lots of profitable angles to use in the battle to make money from betting.

The service provided by you and the speed with which you answer queries is excellent and I hope Formbet will be around for many years to come Chris Morris

I have subscribed to the outstanding Formbet service for over 5 years now. The ratings are packed full of information which isn’t always available to the average punter such as, sire details, trainer & jockey stats, speed ratings, running style, going preference to name just a few. The ratings identify horses that are overpriced and regularly win or at least out run their price. Although not a tipping service best bets are provided on the forum for the better days racing and these are currently showing a healthy profit.

To profit long term from racing you need to look away from what the majority are backing and find the value. Formbet ratings are an essential tool in helping me do this. Martin Hughes

As a relative newcomer to horseracing, Formbet has been a tremendous eye opener and is invaluable in determining what constitutes “value”. The ratings are a huge upgrade on betting based on tipster fancies, and the Best Bets are worth the subscription alone. 750 quid profit over the last 3 months betting to small stakes, highly recommended. Simon Simon

Since joining formbet a year ago I have not only made steady profits but also gained an immense amount of knowledge about horse racing and betting strategies. I knew absolutely nothing about horse racing when i joined and I have found the forum is an excellent platform to gain an insight and a mentality that can help strengthen your bank balance and your betting generally. I would never subscribe to any another ratings or tipster as long as formbet keeps on providing me with the fantastic information and tips it has done so far. Keep up the consistently great work! Thanks GS Greg S

Having been a racing fan for years and losing numerous amounts of money on the way, I was looking for a ratings system that would make my selection process as quickly and easily as possible due to family/work commitments. I used many other sites but finding Formbet was a dream come true, not only is Dave helpful but so are the many other members and the ratings point you in the right direction for that VALUE punt and with many angles to play this is a horse players dream come true. I am still a member of another site but they do not come close to Formbet. I am actually making money now and hope for it to continue for many years to come Cheers Michael Michael

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