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I've been asked quite a few times for recommendations of horse racing ratings and software. I highly recommend GeeGeez Gold over any of the other products on the market. GeeGeez Gold delivers a feature-rich, value-priced set of products that can really help to transform your betting at a subscription price that puts their rivals to shame. Over the next few months I intend to do some Video Reviews (below) of the GeeGeez Gold Product, and analysis of some of the big races. You can pickup a 30-day trial for just £1 here or click on the banner above.

Check out my video preview to the left and some of the other report feature videos below.

GeeGeez Gold Reports Feature Videos

Draftkings Fantasy Baseball

In 2017 I switched from being focused on horse racing to studying MLB (Major League Baseball) as soon as the big American Fantasy Sports company Draftkings got a licence to operate in the UK. DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) is huge in America and is likely to catch on over the next few years in the UK and Europe, especially as bookmakers restrict accounts and margins tighten in traditional betting markets. The great thing is that you are playing against other players, whether head-to-head in cash games or the big tournaments.

There are literally games every day for hundreds of thousands of dollars and all you need to really do is put in a bit of time and effort to study. I am developing some MLB ratings for the 2018 season and will be posting a lot more preview videos and free analysis from May 2018 onwards. We also have a FormBet Fantasy League where we can play against each other for big prizes that you can join once you are on board. You can open up your account by clicking this signup link or the image below and take advantage of signup bonuses.