In this video I run through the various features of FRED, our horse racing database which can be accessed on anything running a browser. I show how simple it is to perform historical horse racing ratings database research and find profitable systems to use to make money betting on the flat, jumps and the all-weather. The Formbet RacE Database is included as part of all 1 month or 6 month subscriptions and works out as just 85p per day for the ratings, dashboard, database, Best Bets, private forum and Live Chat which is a fantastic bargain.

Check out the video below and then join us to transform your betting research ability and profits.


Just in time for Champions Day on Saturday I've found a set of filters that produce the following returns and they are -:

Wins = 15
Runs = 36
S/R = 41.67%
Pts = +30.24
Yield = +84.01%
AE = 1.45
Conf = 91.54

The system filters are as follows and there is a qualifier at Ascot today -:

FBRr 1-4
PACEr 1-2
TRr 1-6
BFWinr 1-3
Non Handicaps
Class 1



A little jumps system worth a look based around Philip Hobs & Richard Johnson on Class 1 Handicap Chases at certain Grade 1 courses which should prove quite fruitful this jumps season and you don't even need the FormBet ratings for this one although obviously with them on your side you have even more of an advantage with these filters -:

Wins = 22
Runs = 69
S/R = 31.88%
Pts = +115.61
Yield = +167.56%
AE = 2.17
Conf = 99.99

The system filters are as follows -:

P J Hobbs
Richard Johnson
Class 1-3
Aintree, Newbury, Kempton,
Doncaster and Cheltenham


all-weatherThis little All-Weather system is a beauty as it avoids the obvious ie. Not the no.1 trainer in the race, avoids the favourite and produces a beautiful points profit through the season which starts at the end of October.

Wins = 59
Runs = 327
S/R = 18.04%
Pts = +204.66
Yield = +62.58%
AE = 1.39
Conf = 99.38

The system filters are as follows -:

DSLR <=6
No Favourite
FBRr 1-4
PACEr 1-5
Trr >= 2

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