The Cheltenham Open meeting kicks off on Friday running for 3 days and I can't wait ! For me this is the start of the jumps season where we can put a very profitable flat season behind us and start looking forward to future profits. This season will be the first jumps season that Premium Season subscribers only have access to FRED (Formbet RacE Database) to really give themselves an ever bigger edge than they had before just with the FormBet Ratings.

To give an example of how easy and quick it is to find a profitable system just have a look at the video below and I'll reveal just 3 SIMPLE FILTERS which have provided a historical +80pts profit with a huge 59% Yield and 1.44 AE utilising just the FormBet Ratings.

The 3 simple filters are -:


2) POWr <=2

3) FBRr <=3

If you really don't want to do the hard (not that hard tbh) work, then let me do it for you by signing up to my Best Bets supplied via SMS text, Email, Web etc at the link below.

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