Here is a post from long-term subscriber W841MAK for Sunday's Cork National – He has been with FormBet for 6 years and made money consistently every year. He epitomises having a unique approach with solid research, backed up by a disciplined and patient approach – basically, what 95% of punters out there lack. There are many other subscribers who utilise the FormBet Data to make profits and it's all about putting in a little bit of initial effort, solid bankroll management and just sticking to the plan.

Tomorrow, I personally think Mullins and Walsh have this nailed with NEW KID IN TOWN and backed him accordingly at 5/1 and it's nice to see MAK has him high up on both types of analysis he uses, sometimes the trends elimination works out, sometimes one of his methods will work out and sometimes the ratings themselves will hold sway. Often it's not about finding the WINNER of the race but making a PROFIT on the race. Personally, I have varied my stakes across all 3 bets with NEW KID IN TOWN making a decent profit and split stakes on WRATH OF TITANS and UNDRESSED. My stats are a year out of date but 10/11 finished in the first 2 on their last 2 starts, 10/11 had run in the last 35 days and 6 or 7yo's have won 6 of the last 10 renewals and he is the only one who hits all those 3 qualifiers. MAK has a different take on things so lets see what unfolds….here is what he has to say…

I have been a long term subscriber to Formbet since March 2010 so well used to value betting and turning a profit every year since. I deem my methods unique and at the same time using unique data that only the members of Formbet have access to.

15:15 Cork Grand National

Key trends 11/11 of the last winners have won a max of 2 Chases, a recent run with 10/11 of the last winners ran in the 35 days, ability to win at distance close to 3 miles or above 10/11, that covers just a couple of the key trends from 10 in total. So using unique rating data from the ratings spreadsheet and mixing things up gives a shortlist of:

Method 1 WRATH OF TITANS @ 10/1                        Method 2 UNDRESSED @ 12/1


There is no Clear cut trends runner at a min all runners fail at least 2 trends, Undressed won Lto at 2m6f going RH Easy at Limerick, Wrath of titans won the Kerry National 2 starts ago.

Badger Ales Saturday Result Method 1 & 2 Plus a pick from my normal Value selections BSP 12.62

After the young master was a non runner Gentleman Jon was rated 4th on the Fbr & 2nd on the Power ratings.

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