I'm not a big football expert by any stretch, but I've done quite well over the last month or so on Draftkings in their football contests. It's pretty simple, you pick a team of players from the games that weekend and your players have to score more points for assists, goals, clean-sheets etc and you compete against other players teams who are trying to do the same.

Now, with Daily Fantasy Sports, there are a lot of ‘pros' playing these games. The secret for the small punter or beginner is to play “Single Entry” tournaments where you are on a level playing field and in “Single Entry double-up” contests where you can double your money if you finish in a top-x percentage of the field. These can then pay for your stakes into some of the single-entry, bigger prizemoney contests. You can grow your bank steadily like this and have a chance of winning for low-risk. I'll be doing more specific strategy posts in the near future as I'm relatively new to it and learning every day.

Join Draftkings UK today and start seeing the potential with Daily Fantasy Sports contests.

We also have a FormBet Fantasy League each Saturday where 8 of us compete and the Top-2 finishers get paid. It's only $5 but it's good practice and for bragging rights. I actually managed to somehow win the last league contest, despite knowing next to nothing about football so it can definitely be done.

Once you have joined Draftkings, come and join the FormBet Football League here and compete with us each weekend.


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