It's been a while since I publicly posted up betting advice on a regular basis. Back in 2010 and 2011 I was regularly the top performing racing tipster on the website where I focused on value selections each day, but I stopped providing them there due to lack of time and setting up my own private service. During the period of proofing I achieved an £11k profit with an 11.8% Yield with all bets independently proofed to and you can view the history here.

I have since posted up selective Best Bets for my private subscribers pretty much every Saturday and during the big race meetings since May 2012 and they have shown a +188pts profit and generated an 18% ROI in that time which I am happy with given they are far less frequent than I intend the Premium Tips to be. You can view those results here.

I also felt it was time to open my betting advice up to a wider audience and re-badge the Best Bets as Premium Tips, with more focus on midweek racing. I will try to post them every day but if I don't think I can find value some days, especially days during really poor quality racing, then I will leave the racing alone and wait for better opportunities some other time. I will at some point charge a small nominal fee for this betting advice providing it's successful of course, but initially I will provide them for free in return for a Tweet or a Facebook Like so you can get a feel for the time of advice provided.

I will only post selections I believe are overpriced and will stick to a simple staking plan -:

All bets under 5/1 will be 2pt win and all bets at 5/1 or more will be 1pt each-way. Most will fall into the latter category. Bets will be advised with bookmakers who offer Best Odds Guaranteed but I will also track all returns at a straight 2pt win at Betfair SP less 5% Max Commission which should be achievable for all and unlike some of these Twitter tipsters nowadays will post up full and detailed results.

With regards to your own staking, I recommend you set aside a separate bankroll of whatever money you can afford to miss and then stake an initial 1% per point. So if you only have £100 spare then your stakes should be £1 per point. You can then re-assess your stakes as you go along or on a monthly basis which is what I would recommend but it's entirely up to you as I will just be tracking the points totals.

My bets are produced using a combination of private ratings, stats, maths, trends and intuitive analysis – I believe it's important to mix up strategies and look for confirmation between areas of analysis while always keeping a value hat on.

You won't find me putting out bets in every other race, Lucky-15's, Rolling Acca's or any other kind of mug-punting betting advice that seems to be prevalent on Twitter and Facebook nowadays and serves only to provide addicts and action junkies with a ‘fix' or a dream of landing a big win which helps them forget the numerous losses along the way. Value-betting requires a long-term outlook, patience and discipline and if you don't possess any of those attributes then this won't be for you.

So I hope you take some time to spread the word and get people interested in the Premium Tips, give ‘constructive' feedback and be sure to read the Terms & Conditions

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