The key to making profits with betting on horse racing is to look for unique angles and data that 95% of the population either don't consider or can't be bothered investigating. That then creates an opportunity for those willing to put in the effort to make a decent profit from betting on horse racing. I've made money betting professionally since 2008 and am having the best few years of my betting life, thanks to improvement in the ratings data that I have developed and am using on a daily basis.

At FormBet we have extremely unique data. Most ratings outfits have the bare form, the results, same old same old, but at FormBet we have developed ratings data, stats and rankings that nobody else has access to – the key then is to make best use of that information to develop profitable systems – and that is where the Formbet RacE Database (FRED) comes in.

I've run through a few systems in real-time which you can view on the video below, one I had researched earlier for non-handicaps at Goodwood but the other I did ‘off the cuff' so you can see the benefits and potential to develop your own systems using this data. That is where FormBet subscribers have a huge edge over the competition for the last 7+ years or so.

I've put together a video below, albeit after a couple of glasses of celebratory wine after another excellent day, but you can see that there is MASSIVE profit potential here and many subscribers are taking advantage of both the unique data and this excellent database research tool they have access to. Just £1 on each of the Automated Best Bet selections this year would have paid for 6-months subscription and not many of these other ‘flashy' ratings providers can state the same. Get on board with FormBet and start making serious profits like the ones below the video and earn yourself a 2nd income.


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