There are a lot of favourites that run each day and you will see most tipsters posting them up blindly as ‘selections' which doesn't take a genius. You also see a lot of ratings providers go on about how ‘many' top-rated winners they have found while neglecting to mention how much you would have lost backing them all. However, how do you identify the strong favourites from the weak ones?

If you were to back ALL favourites in all UK races since 2016 for example, then you would have hit a 34% Strike-Rate of winners, which sounds great…problem is that they are not at a great enough price to outweigh the fact that you would have backed 66% of losers in these races. You would have lost -755pts or -4.67% Yield.

Our POWer ratings are great at giving an indication of which horse is likeliest to run well in a race and combined with a relative strength figure, which measures the strength of each horses POWer rating to other horses in the race, it's a goldmine at finding strong favourites.

If you had looked at all Favourites since 2016 but insisted that they were also POWer ranked 1 on our ratings with a relative strength figure of 2 or higher, then you would have found 44% of winners, racked up +109pts profit and turned that negative Yield into a +6.2% profit which is a near 11% turnaround in profit!!

You can even use this for spread-betting when looking to ‘BUY' favourites on a card or ‘SELL' starting prices. Today, for example there are 3 strong-looking favourites at Doncaster so you might want to BUY favourites (74) or SELL starting prices (40).

Conversely, there are no strong-looking favourites at Thirsk today so you might want to consider a SELL of Favourites (57) or a BUY of starting prices (58) – of course, (disclaimer alert!) tread carefully with spread betting as you can lose more than you stake but I think it looks a better approach than most I've seen out there.

So, if you are looking for a high strike-rate, favourites system then you can do no worse than sign up to FormBet and start taking advantage of our unique ratings. Yesterday they found 9 winners from 15 and today's qualifiers are below.

Doncaster 1410 Great White Shark
Doncaster 1445 Wasim
Newmarket 1550 Mojito
Newmarket 1625 Love Dreams
Goodwood 1720 Youre Hired
Doncaster 1735 Granny Roz
Hamilton 1800 Star Of Zaam

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