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You can download an up to date, full spreadsheet of Best Bet results here which are based on the following filters, It's important to use these as a framework yet still be flexible enough to recognise value -:

1) Class 1/2 handicaps & Group races only (occasionally I will consider a valuable Class 3 10k+ if there is real value and ratings strength)
2) FBR Top-3, but can look further down if only a few points between them. Don’t be too rigid in sticking to a particular ranking, look at the actual FBR figures
3) Positive Value% goes without saying
4) No 2yo races and exercise caution in mare/filly only races
5) Stake consistently 1pt or 2pt max
6) No Irish Racing
7 ) Reduced Stakes or avoid All-Weather


    Subscriber Testimonials

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JB: “Occasionally I see an FBR massive priced/value horse and put small stakes on just in case. Today I have come back in to my computer – checked the results and the throw away £5 bet on Duke of Bronte has won at 1000. Truly unbelievable and never in my wildest dreams would I have picked it but for the ratings. Many thanks for your service – I am not a major punter but I keep pinching myself at the returns year on year and the odd icing on the cake day like today.”

Jonathan B: “my favourite winner was the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The experts told us no novice could win it. FormBet ratings suggested otherwise and Coneygree romped home. “

Greg S: “Since joining FormBet a year ago I have not only made steady profits but also gained an immense amount of knowledge about horse racing and betting strategies.”

M Hughes: “To profit long term from racing you need to look away from what the majority are backing and find the value. FormBet ratings are an essential tool in helping me do this.”

James C: “Definitely the best ratings service I have come across in over 30 years of punting, a must for all punters.”

Tony G: “I have been a member of FormBet for many years now and can honestly say that the reason I am still here is because I find it an essential part of my betting portfolio. “

Graham: “Dave not only allows access to the ratings, but gives his time generously to answer any questions that subscribers have, as well as just enjoying a chat about all things racing. I dare say I've learnt more through the online forum and chat room discussions with FormBet than anything else.”

Sojoe: “2015 is the best summer/autumn I've had since 2003 and all down to FormBet and a slight change in mindset. I'm now £19K in the black. All it took was a mental change and tactical change in betting. “
Dan H: “With FormBet I have never needed to top up my betting bank, in fact it has built up enough to not only withdraw some for treats for my kids but also helped with my wedding (in the space of only a few months).”

Michael: “The ratings point you in the right direction for that VALUE punt and, with many angles to play, this is a horse players dream come true. “

Graham T: “The one thing I really like, is the ease and relative speed in identifying the good value bets.Not like some ratings where you have to spend hours trying to plough through incomprehensive data”

Del: “FormBet has not only given me the stats & figures to help me pick my selections but also helped me learn what so many of those stats mean and what they can be used for.”