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It was a great way to end the flat season with a win for OPEN EAGLE in the November Handicap.

Open Eagle November Handicap

Open Eagle was TOP Form Rated (FBR) and value as well as being 2nd on the POWER ratings, you don't need to stray too far from the Top-Rated to find profits and the new database research tool can really help with that. I always go big on the big races as the ratings work there time and time again which is why my average win odds are always in double-figures.

Open Eagle Rating

If you want to get the Best Bets only then you can use discount code “FORMBET” via the BetAdvisor site when joining me, or any of the tipsters on there. I'm really looking forward to the Cheltenham 3-day open meeting there where I can fully focus on nailing those big priced winners, as I've done so well in the past at Cheltenham as you can see below from my¬†BetAdvisor Best Bets course statistics. All bets are advised win only at BSP so no trouble getting on with limiting bookmakers.

Cheltenham record

This is all down to the ratings themselves which help flag these big-priced winners for the major races using a simple set of filters and some logic. We held an “Improve Your Betting” Hangout yesterday but despite a few teething issues the replay itself didn't work too badly and we intend to produce more of these with a bit more focus next time and hopefully less technical problems ! You can view it here¬†or below.

Finally, like to thank everyone on board FormBet for making it the community and service it is, we have big plans for the future and look forward to you being part of that growth as we add new features & functionality to help you make those big kind of profits myself and other subscribers make on a regular basis.

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