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We provide unique, value-based UK and Irish horse ratings and statistics along with a fully searchable, historical ratings database where you can build and track your own systems. We have a private members forum and advise Daily Best Bets which have been highly profitable since 2010.

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Blog Posts

Profitable Angles with FRED

Who is FRED? Actually, a better question is, what is FRED? It's the FormBet Race Database, a tool for querying historic horse racing data to find profitable angles. Over the last twelve months FRED, along with the whole FormBet online dashboard, has been under heavy...

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Saturday Review – £6k banked!

Punters are very quick, after a day's racing, to look ahead to the next day's action without really analysing their performance.  I think it's a very important part of the process to improve as a punter, so I have compiled a brief summary of my betting yesterday. The...

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Value Betting 101

Sometimes I get emails from people who just don't get the aspect of value betting, or the ethos that more winners does not always equate to long-term profits. Usually I try to help the person with my advice and strategy, but often some people are just beyond help or...

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Saturday Preview: Jumping For Joy…..About The Cesarewich

A philosopher once quipped – as they all do – that man needs but just three things in his life in order to reach optimal fulfilment; A decent place of work, a meaningful relationship and finally, to make a difference. Well, as somewhat of an amateur philosopher myself...

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A 7 furlong Class 1 race at Ascot, formerly known as the Heritage Handicap. From 16 known trends there are three that stand out all scoring 12 The primary trends  that need to be satisfied are that horses need have and OR of 99 and a RPR of 100, winning no more than 3...

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Saturday Preview: Make It Up To Go Out With A Bang

It’s 2yo day today – races that I’m not overly keen on getting involved with. They can be very tricky to get a handle on and I’d preferred to leave them to the specialists – of which I’m sure there are few. However, a bigger talking point is perhaps the lack of...

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