Last week we looked at the most successful jockeys, in terms of strike rate percentage, at the Chelmsford City course. This week we move onto Wolverhampton.

The all weather surface at this course was changed from Polytrack to Tapeta. It is currently Great Britain's only track with this synthetic racing surface. Initially seen as a controversial move, in light of Meydan reverting from Tapeta back to dirt. The new surface first saw competitive racing in August 2014 and there have been a total 9068 runners since.

Left-handed Wolverhampton has a number of interesting race distances – 5f20y, 5f216y, 7f32y, 1m141y, 1m1f103y and additional longer routes. We've combined some of these distances into the same tables for ease of viewing and where it makes sense. For example, the two sprint distances – 5f20y and 5f216y – both have only one bend to negotiate.

Also keep in mind the reason for assessing jockeys based only on strike rate percentage. This data should be used in conjunction with additional factors, such as those used to create the daily FormBet ratings. Individual jockey strike rates may best be used for further confirmation, enhancing a selection already considered based on such ratings and possessing a value price.

The tables below provide a quick snapshot, from FormBet’s FRED online database tool, into the jockeys with the highest and lowest strike rates at Wolverhampton, from those with decent sample sizes. Jockeys having had just a couple of rides at the track will not be included.

Jockeys Highest Strike Rate – All Distances

Wolverhampton All Distances Top Strike Rate Jockeys

Jockeys Lowest Strike Rate – All Distances

Wolverhampton All Distances Worst Strike Rate Jockeys

Overall, the highest strike rate percentages are slightly lower than those at the upper end of the equivalent Chelmsford table. This may just be a function of greater sample sizes. The lows are still pretty low, with Liam Keniry having an extremely poor record from a high number of rides. It is interesting that B A Curtis has a poor strike rate, but also shows a positive Yield and Level Points return. This can be attributed to a single big priced winner, as can be seen from the vertical line in the table below, which shows all rides for those jockeys in the lowest overall strike rate table.

Wolverhampton Worst Strike Rate Jockey Chart

Click image for a larger version

Jockeys Highest Strike Rate –5f20y & 5f216y Distances

Wolverhampton Sprint Top Strike Rate Jockeys

Luke Morris, who has by far the highest number of total rides at the track over the last 15 months, does reasonably well over the shorter distances. However, Adam Kirby's record is simply stellar. George Baker may ride the sprints better than longer distances, as evidenced by his higher strike rate here compared overall.

Jockeys Lowest Strike Rate –5f20y & 5f216y Distances

Wolverhampton Sprint Worst Strike Rate Jockeys

Tom Eaves and Joe Fanning might surprise some to see them included in this table.

Jockeys Highest Strike Rate – 7f32y Distance

Wolverhampton 7f Top Strike Rate Jockeys

Joe Fanning turns things around at the longer distance. Adam Kirby still features.

Jockeys Lowest Strike Rate – 7f32y Distance

Wolverhampton 7f Lowest Strike Rate Jockeys

Tom Eaves certainly hasn't managed any improvement.

Jockeys Highest Strike Rate –1m141y & 1m1f103y Distances

Wolverhampton 9f Top Strike Rate Jockeys

Luke Morris is back, Adam Kirby as well of course and Joe Fanning again proves that he needs more than one turn to show his best.

Jockeys Lowest Strike Rate –1m141y & 1m1f103y Distances

Wolverhampton 9f Lowest Strike Rate Jockeys

Avoid these jockeys at these distances!

Jockeys Highest Strike Rate –10f and Greater Distances

Wolverhampton 10f plus Top Strike Rate Jockeys

It just doesn't matter what distance Adam Kirby rides at Wolverhampton, he does well across them all. William Twiston-Davies is perhaps putting his National Hunt long distance background to good use, but it may also be a function of the rides he is receiving – would you book him over five furlongs?

Jockeys Worst Strike Rate –10f and Greater Distances

Wolverhampton 10f plus Lowest Strike Rate Jockeys

A booking of Liam Keniry, Tom Eaves and William Carson should certainly make you re-think any selection you're keen on, over a wide range of distances at this track. Tom Eaves' one winner must have been a cracker!

The above tables provide some insight into which jockeys ride the Wolverhampton Tapeta well or poorly. Adam Kirby is without a doubt the standout rider. Tony Hamilton and George Baker also hit the frame first across a range of distances. Joe Fanning should only be considered at distances greater than 7 furlongs.

As discussed in the previous Chelmsford jockeys article, this information means little on its own. However, combined with a good set of ratings and considered with value prices, knowledge of these strike rates might make the difference between profit and loss.

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