October Ratings & Stats Update

October Ratings & Stats Update

This is the October results update of backing the Top-Rated FormBet runners for 1pt stakes, at BetfairSP (BSP), less 5% assumed commission.

You can download a full stats results excel sheet, since the ratings started at the end of June 2019 here.

It's recommended to back all Top-Rated selections blindly at BSP, there is little difference in the profitability compared with obtaining the best early odds, especially considering Rule4's and non-runners. It's also easier to just place all bets first thing in the morning, or the evening before at BSP, without the hard work of hunting around for a bookmaker that will still accept bets! I recommend having a 400pt bank and backing 0.5% (max 1%) stakes initially. So if your bank was £400 your stakes would be £2. There are also ways around the minimum stakes bet of £2 on Betfair if you wanted to start with a smaller bank.

In October we showed a +42.56pts profit for a 20.6% ROI by backing all top-rated runners at BSP less 5% Commission.


There were 207 Top-Rated runners in October. 48 of them won, which equates to a 23% Strike-Rate, showing a profitability of +42.56pts at BetfairSP to 1pt stakes and a 20.6% Return On Investment. By the 12th October we were -30pts down on the month, but we rallied a near +70pts profit in the final 2 weeks, as the all-weather and jumps ratings models improved. All-Weather Handicaps (AH) showed a +20pts profit and 67% ROI, Handicap Chases (JHC) made +29pts profit for a 67% ROI. Flat handicaps (FH) lost -13pts or -36% ROI, possibly due to end-of-season form on very soft/heavy going leading to some strange results. Same for non-handicaps on the flat (FN) which lost -16% ROI but only 4.87pts down. Jumps Handicap Hurdles (JHH) were losing -21pts and -54% ROI by the 15th October but a few nice winners put us into profit, albeit by less than 1pt for a 2% ROI on the month, but a very nice recovery and promising for the future. There are question marks over 2yo Nursery handicaps, conditional/amateur and apprentice handicaps and novice handicaps over hurdles and fences, but again we need some more data to determine which races are best avoided from a ratings consistency and profitability viewpoint. Early days for jumps non-handicap chase and hurdles, hurdles looking far more consistent and profitable than chases in the early stages but more data required.


There were small losses at Class 5 levels but the profits came in Class 2 contests with a +38pts profit and 74% ROI. Class 1's lost -4.67pts or -15% ROI. There are patterns emerging regarding class of race, but we need another month worth of data to make some clear decisions in that regard.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday were the most profitable days, Thursday with a +15pts profit and 44% ROI, Saturday with a +21pts profit and 40% ROI and Friday with a +10pts profit and 27% ROI. The worse days were Sunday and Monday  with a combined loss of -9pts. Monday has the lowest strike-rate of all days at just 13%, albeit from a single-figure sample size, but may be best avoided in the future. I'll keep an eye on the Sabbath as well but less rated races may improve in that respect.


I was very happy this month, despite a lower than ideal 22.2% win strike-rate, that a decent +42pts profit and 20% ROI was achieved, the best ROI since July's +32pts and 22% ROI. November will start off volatile with a lot more novice contests and jumps and all-weather races taking over from flat, which finishes soon. My goal of 50% of winners from the Top-3 of the ratings was achieved and I'd be looking for the win% to get closer to 25% over the next few months and perhaps even higher.


I expect a strong finish to November based on what I have seen so far and with further filtering of races to exclude, profitability will increase again. I'm very excited about the jumps and all-weather seasons based on the above figures.

At this point I am going to be looking at the following filters with regards to race selection -:

Flat Non-Handicaps – Top-Rated runners in Class 1 contests had a 34% Win Strike-Rate with a 2% Yield. Races of 7f or less were easily the most profitable with a +14pts profit and 17% Yield so that could be a focus for next year, if we only focus on Class 1 contests then we get a 40% win rated with a +18pts profit and 25% Yield. We all want to get the winner of the Guineas, Derby etc but perhaps it's best to focus on Class 1, shorter distances for the non-handicaps on the flat. Juvenile (2yo) Class 1 contests showed a 52% strike-rate with a +15pts profit and 45% ROI, so this looks particularly good.

Flat Handicaps – Backing Top-Rated runners at 12/1 or less had a 24% strike-rate, gave a +67pts profit and 22% ROI which is excellent considering they have only been running since the very end of June. Monday's again proved unprofitable. Unlike non-handicaps, focusing on races at 1 mile (8 furlongs) or further, improve profitability with a 27% strike-rate, +63pts profit and 35% ROI. Adding in the odds-filter gives us +68pts profit and a 39% ROI. One for next year.

All-Weather Handicaps – Possibly Class 1, 2 and 3 races only gives a +20pts profit and 60% Yield. You could also get a +19pts profit by focusing on the Top-Rated that are 12/1 or less, which has provided a historical 35% ROI. Combining both Class and Max odds filters gives a 35% strike-rate with a +23pts profit and 73% Yield, so seems a good approach, at least until a 20/1 Top-Rated runner goes in so I'll just put in place a class filter 1-3 filter at this stage.

Jumps Handicap Chases – All classes look good, except Class 1's which are 0/7 but it's a small sample size. Odds range to focus on for these seem to be between 9/4 and 20/1 – by focusing on this odds-range you would have had a +19pts profit and 32% ROI but that is not much better than the non-filtered +17pts profit and 24% ROI so I'll not filter these races at this stage. I'm very wary of, and will probably avoid, all amateur, apprentice, conditional and novice handicap chase and hurdle races, as they have only produced 1 x 3/1 winner from a number of races rated, so they may be too volatile. 

Jumps Handicap Hurdle – There are no clear clues here regarding class, distance or odds. They are very hard to predict but it's definitely worth looking to focus on races at 2 1/2 miles (20 furlongs) or less as they seem more predictable and focusing on them produced a +5pts profit with 10% ROI.  Those at 9/1 or less give a mild increase of +6pts profit and 12% ROI, but we simply don't have enough sampled races to add any filters at this stage, apart from the aforementioned amateur, apprentice, conditional and novice handicaps, and just have to allow the model time to settle down.

Even smaller samples for novice chase and hurdle contests, although at this stage the novice chases are 0/7 and the novice hurdles 3/7 with a 19% ROI – we have to wait and see with these, along with Non-Handicaps on the all-weather, where I tend to focus on decent class stakes races.

All ratings and bets are provided via WhatsApp, either very early in the morning, or the evening before for big meetings and especially on Friday and Saturday's which are sent the day before, when odds become available for the rated races.

I'm going to be setting up an automatic results update section on the website and the private members forum on the website has been brought back to life, to share thoughts, bets and answer any questions that arise, as well as more detailed race previews when time allows and stats updates.

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Free Saturday Chelmsford Ratings

Free Saturday Chelmsford Ratings

With racing abandoned at Newbury and Doncaster today, thought I would post some free ratings for Chelmsford tonight. The All-Weather model is still developing but already producing the goods, however, it's worth noting that I don't often rate class 5 contests, and I'm also rating my first Class 6. A win for any of the Top-Rated will produce a profit, let's hope we get a couple. The ratings are absolutely on fire at the moment. In the last 2 weeks they have a 33% strike-rate, +41pts profit and a 57% return on investment – better than any other ratings provider out there I am sure.

To join the ratings service, where you receive rating and betting advice via WhatsApp, join here.

Chelmsford 6.00

The odds-on favourite Bobby Biscuit is only 2nd on the ratings, but is the likeliest winner. However, I have NAWAR top-rated and available at a best-priced 16/1 so is clearly the value in the race, and the best value contender tonight, for the cautious they can always go each-way. All-Weather handicaps have a 27.7% strike-rate but actually are losing -3.4% at SP – however, if you bet at SP then you need more help than the ratings provide! I like to provide ‘worst case scenario' and they are actually profitable with an 8% Yield overall at best early prices and around the same at BSP. This class of race is profitable with a 23.1% strike-rate and 5.8% yield. The Day of the Week (DW) i.e. Saturday has a 23.4% strike-rate and a slight loser at SP. At this distance Top-Rated runners have a 23.9% strike-rate with a 5% Yield and those at 16/1 SP or shorter have a 25.7% strike-rate and 0.3% Yield. These columns are invaluable at determining where the value lies. 

Chelmsford 6.30 

UNIVERSAL EFFECT rates a bet at 5/1 – it's just about value especially as Top-Rated horses at 5/1 or less SP have a 32.3% strike-rate and 6.3% Yield. However, it's worth noting the proximity of Philamundo, who is only one point behind on the ratings. Again, the more cautious could perhaps cover stakes with a bet on the 2nd-rated, how you play the ratings is entirely up to you.

Chelmsford 7.00

PROMOTE at 3/1 rates a stronger 2pt bet. It does not have the lowest FTS rating, but it does have the biggest superiority over the 2nd-rated from the 4 rated races. This is a big-field though, and luck in running, draw etc all play a part. However, top-rated runners at 3/1 or less have a near 40% strike-rate with 6.7% Yield so it looks a worthy 2pt bet. Those looking for some each-way value could do worse than take a look at 16/1 shot SPIRIT OF MAY.

Chelmsford 7.30

A big field, the first class 6 I've rated (hence the empty CLSR (class strike-rate) and CLYI (class yield)! I'm not a big fan of lower grade races, but if you don't try to rate them then you never know if they are worth looking at. MONGOLIA is top-rated and again worth a small bet at 5/1 – again horses at this SP or less have a 32.3% strike-rate. The thing I like here is that Top-Rated runners at this distance have a near 31% strike-rate and massive 28.8% Yield so it's worth a bet. Again, for those looking for each way value, VIN D'HONNEUR is interesting at 20/1. 



A win for any of these will give us a small profit, obviously we can also do a ‘dutch' across all 4 of these selections, something I call a multi-race dutch, where a win for any guarantees a profit and more than 1 gives us a bit more. You could also do a couple of each-ways in the last 2 races – again, the Top-Rated backed blindly since June show a near +100pts profit, and that is at SP, profits can be enhanced at BSP – you can also look at combination forecasts and tricasts.

If you find these useful, and make a profit from these, consider signing up for at least a month to test out the service and transform your betting.


Tapeta Trainer and Sire System Using GeeGeez Gold

Tapeta Trainer and Sire System Using GeeGeez Gold

Not all all-weather surfaces are the same, there is no such thing as an ‘all-weather' surface and it's worth looking at the surface at each racecourse. The number of all-weather meetings will start to increase this month and through the winter so it's an ideal time to start researching some trainer/sire combination systems.

Tapeta was introduced as a racing surface in the UK at Wolverhampton on the 11th August 2014 and Newcastle has been Tapeta since May 2016. We can build a useful Tapeta Sire/Trainer combo system using GeeGeez Gold Query Tool to flag useful future qualifiers easily, just follow the instructions below.

STEP 1 – Select 11/8/2014 as the FROM data in the Date Range, Wolverhampton and Newcastle as the COURSE and FLAT AW as the Race Code.


STEP 2 – SELECT 7F to 1m 2F as the DISTANCE range as we want to focus on those race distances where we can rule out a bad start and reduce the chances of not recovering after trouble in running, especially in sprint races.


STEP 4 – The above gives you a list of profitable Tapeta sires, after you have set the filters along the top, 10 Min Runs, 5 Min Wins, 10% Min Win%, Min Win PL of 10 and an A/E and I.V of 1. Add these sires by clicking on the + button next to the name of each sire.

STEP 5 – Click on TRAINER and hit GENERATE REPORT and you will get a list of profitable trainers that have a good record with this progeny, who are already proven and profitable on the surface. Click on the + button again to generate the angle and then save it.

STEP 6 – CLICK on QUALIFIERS to view a list of upcoming qualifiers. You can see how many winners this has generated, at decent odds, including a 33/1 shot Constitutional at Newcastle last month and a 50/1 winner a few days beforehand. Combined they have a 35% strike-rate and 109% ROI.


STEP 7 – If you view the racecard you can see the qualifiers for the 6:55 at Newcastle tonight. There is a hot odds-on John Gosden/Kingman runner Tsar but that sire has a far better record on turf so far, despite the excellent 51% record of John Gosden with these sires, he doesn't qualify due to the absence of Kingman as a non-profitable all-weather sire. The 100/1 shot Roddy Ransom may be a stab in the dark for small change at likely massive BetfairSP, but the profitable all-weather sire Lope De Vega is responsible for the Karl Burke runner EMERATY HERO who is interesting at a best-price 8/1.

I'd recommend an each-way on that one as these proverbial good things can get turned over and this one also has a positive trainer/jockey combination for additional strength. When combined Karl Burke and Danny Tudhope have a 36% win record with a PL of +15.5 and an A/E of 2.56.

Win or lose tonight, you can see the benefit of being able to build these angle and research qualifiers on the fly and have them flagged in the Query Tool or on the Racecards themselves.

You can get a 1-month trial for just £1 to GeeGeez Gold here.


Saturday Preview using GeeGeez Gold

Saturday Preview using GeeGeez Gold

If you follow me on Twitter as @formbet, then you will know I have been posting researched System Qualifiers using GeeGeez Gold's excellent Query Tool. GeeGeez is amazing value and is capable of turning you from a losing/break-even punter into a very profitable one, but you do have to do a little bit of prep work.

I have been posting #SireWatch and #Sprintwatch qualifiers on Twitter for the last week or so but will be stopping after this weekend. The reason is that I have shown you how to use the filters and the rest is up to you and to join GeeGeez, or at least try it for the initial £1 a month to see the difference it can make to your betting.

You can find details of how to research and build these two systems on the following 2 blog posts -:

SireWatch – Finding Potential Classic Winners

SprintWatch – Finding Class Sprinters

I thought I would sign them off by a brief mention of some of the qualifiers racing this Saturday, the 20th September, which are at the bottom of this post.


They are really easy to spot on the GeeGeez Gold racecards once you have built your Query Tool angles, future qualifiers are highlighted on the cards like below and on the Query Tool “View Runners” tab itself as below.

So, you can go through each race after identifying them in the Query Tool and dig into a bit more detail on the breeding.

Now, the P&L figures on the racecards are for ALL the trainers and ALL the qualifying sires for that angle. On the sire snippets on the racecard, we can also see the additional, overall stats for War Front, useful when comparing against other sires progeny in the race. If you actually want to see how a particular trainer has done with all sires, or vice versa, or just one trainer/sire combo, then do the following. Let's say we want to see how Gosden has done with War Front. All we have to do is uncheck all the trainers except Gosden, extend the date to since 2009, select Sires and re-generate the angle to look at his stats with War Front. You can of course just keep one list of sires and then keep the trainer blank and enter his name only, for research purposes, whatever is easiest for you.

So we now can get a list of which of these sires Gosden performs best with by strike-rate/yield etc and in particular War Front, who is actually his 2nd highest strike-rate sire, under these conditions with juveniles, of course we have to be a bit wary of sample size. Below that, you can see the list of filters applied. This makes CHEROKEE TRAIL look a good bet tomorrow in the 1:10 at Newbury, purely based on the sire, stats, race conditions and other strong trainer/jockey data to back it up, BUT it's likely to be short-priced.


Newbury 1:10 CHEROKEE TRAIL 2yo (Gosden/War Front)

Newmarket 2:10 WASAAYEF 2yo (Gosden/Kingman) – Also was on my 2yo Eyecatchers blog post

Newmarket 2:10 QUEEN DAENERYS 2yo (Varian/Frankel)

Newbury 2:20 WALDSTERN 5/1 3yo (Gosden/Sea The Stars)

Newbury 3:30 FOREST OF DEAN 5/2 3yo (Gosden/Iffraaj)

Newbury 3:30 RISE HALL 12/1 4yo (Meade/Frankel)

Newbury 4:05 ESTABLISH 2yo (Varian/Australia)

Newbury 4:40 LARIAT 3yo (Balding/Poet's Voice)

Newbury 4:40 KOSCIUSZKO 3yo (Gosden/Austrlia)


Newbury 1:45 MAID IN INDIA 20/1 5yo (Alston/Bated Breath)

Ayr 2:40 JAWWAAL 25/1 4yo (Dods/Bahamian Bounty)

Ayr 3:50 BUFFER ZONE 11/2 4yo (Lyons/Bated Breath)

Ayr 3:50 AIR RAID 25/1 4yo (O'Keefe/Raven's Pass)

Ayr 3:50 LOUIE DE PALMA 25/1 7yo (Cox/Pastoral Pursuits)

Now, of course these are just a couple of angles to play and personally, I prefer it to find confirmation with my ratings to feel really confident as I always prioritise my ratings, especially with the older sprintwatch qualifiers. With the sirewatch qualifiers you can get a huge edge on the crowd, get an idea of formlines, get used to noticing specific trainers and sires in other situations automatically, and just become a smarter and more profitable punter. I highly recommend taking out a subscription to GeeGeez Gold.


2 year-old Eyecatchers 2019

2 year-old Eyecatchers 2019

Following on from my blog post about Classy 2yo's and how to identify them, often before they run, I thought it would be worth looking at some of those that have either won or shown promise from this set of filters. You don't need to look at times, stride lengths and all that nonsense which has little predictive value and is far too time consuming – look at what happened to Visinari, who was spoken as the next 2nd-coming in some quarters.

Instead, you can keep it relatively simple, all you need to look at is breeding and trainer ability, that's it. If you also have a set of ratings like FTS then you are giving yourself an edge over 99.9% of punters who don't use any of these tools as they are excellent when used on combination with sire and trainer analysis.

You can get a membership to FTS here and receive ratings and Best Bets via WhatsApp. I'd also recommend signing up to GeeGeez Gold for just £1 for your first month and check out the tools and racecards which are invaluable if you are to take your betting seriously.

PINATUBO (Shamardal/Appleby)

This may seem like an obvious pick, especially in light of Sunday's bloodbath in the National Stakes, but I've been backing him since he first appeared on the racecourse and he has been top-rated and advised to subscribers on a few of his earlier wins already. I knew the ability of Shamardal and Charlie Appleby when it came to highlighting top class juveniles and a potential future Group 1 or classic winner. This approach has yielded winners at big odds on their 2yo debuts when there is little else to go on. Pinatubo can go all the way to the top and really looks something special, I'm glad I've managed to get 7/2 and 4/1 about this contender on a few of his earlier runs, as you are unlikely to see those kinds of odds again.

MISS YODA (Sea The Stars/Gosden)

An impressive winner of a maiden on Friday at Sandown, Miss Yoda looks capable of winning Group races at 3 at distances of 1 mile and further. There is plenty of stamina on the dams side to suggest she can take the step up in trip in her stride, and we already know the versatility of the sire at distances of 1m – 12 furlongs.

KAMEKO (Kitten's Joy/Balding)

A tall and scopey colt but still ran well enough to win on his debut at Sandown and the 2nd has boosted that form since by winning. Then ran a race full of promise at big odds when just failing by a nose to get the better of Positive in the Group 3 Solario Stakes last time. He ran green there so it was a good effort to get so close and he could improve markedly from 2 to 3 once he matures and fills out his frame. 

RAAEB (Raven's Pass/Suroor)

Impressive performance at Doncaster last week, quickening well and staying on strongly and this colt is bred to be a Group winner, especially so on the dam side and again is capable of winning at distances up to 10f/12f.

ENCIPHER (Siyouni/Gosden)

Ran into a decent Godolphin runner Path Of Thunder on debut, who has subsequently boosted that form. Made no mistake at Newbury when last seen in July, winning by an easy 2 1/4 lengths from Native Tribe who scored well last time. Form looks solid and could be very effective at a mile and perhaps up to 10f. The dam is a half-sister to 3 x Group 1 winner Ervedya.

WASAAYEF (Kingman/Gosden)

Beat the subsequent May Hill 3rd Alpen Rose on her 2nd run and already looks like she needs further than 7f. By Kingman out of a Sea The Stars mare who is a half-sister to an Irish 1000 Guineas winner, it could be 8f is her optimum. Holds an entry at Newbury on Friday.

PALACE PIER (Kingman/Gosden)

A taking colt who won easily on debut at Sandown in August, beating a decent looking field by nearly 4 lengths. Dam didn't race but is a half-sister to a couple of 1m/10f Group 2 winners. Holds an entry at Sandown on Wednesday.

RIDENZA (Sea The Stars/Halford)

Easily won a big field fillies maiden at Leopardstown, beating a few well-touted newcomers. By Sea The Stars out of a Rock Of Gibraltar mare, is bred to be a decent miler, but there is also plenty of stamina on the dams side and she could develop into an Oaks contender.

VOLKAN STAR (Sea The Stars/Appleby)

Stepped up on debut when making all and winning easily by 6 lengths. Quite what he beat there, I'm not so sure, but there was no denying the style of victory and there is enough stamina in this pedigree to suggest he could be up to winning at anything from a mile to 12 furlongs.

CAYENNE PEPPER (Australia/Harrington)

Won well on her debut over 7f, with the subsequent Moyglare winner LOVE around 6 lengths back in 4th. Won well again at Tipperary before comfortably winning the GP3 Flame Of Tara stakes over a mile. 

That's it for now – I'll look at producing a similar list towards the end of the season but for now, you can track any future qualifiers on Twitter using hashtag #SireWatch

Finding Class Sprinters using GeeGeez Gold

Finding Class Sprinters using GeeGeez Gold

In my last blog post “Finding potential future Classic Winners using GeeGeez Gold“, I showed how you can easily use the excellent GeeGeez Gold Query Tool to find classy 2yo's. You can also amend that query slightly to find classy 3yo's by changing the age filters to 3 and the distance to 1m to 1m 4f. 

Today, I'm turning my attention to finding classy sprinters on turf, it's a perfect time to do so, with many big Sales races and top-class sprint handicaps on the horizon. In order to do so, some research is required and the steps are listed below.

STEP 1 – Fire up the Query Tool in GeeGeez Gold and select “FLAT TURF” as the Race Code and the Date Range for 1st Jan 2017 – 31st Dec 2017.

STEP 2 – Select Race Distances between 5f and 6f and the Age Min set to 2 and Age Max set to 3. You could potentially extend this to 4 years of age which gives additional sires Approve, Compton Place, Red Jazz, Arcano, Choisir, Fastnet Rock, Intikhab, Dream Ahead, Lethal Force, Major Cadeaux & Raven's Pass.


STEP 3 – Click the checkbox next to SIRE and then Click on GENERATE REPORT to see the list of all qualifying sires.

STEP 4 – Filter these SIRES by Minimum of 10 Runs, Min 10% Win% and Min Win PL of +10. These provide a shortlist of profitable 2yo 5f/6f sires list from 2017. Repeat this step for 2018 and 2019 as below.

STEP 5 – Change the dates to 2018 and click Generate Report. This provides a shortlist of profitable 2yo sprint sires list from 2018, listed below.

STEP 6 – Change the dates to 2019 and click Generate Report. This provides a shortlist of profitable 2yo sprint sires list from 2019, listed below. Take a note of all the 2017/18/19 profitable sires on Notepad or somewhere.

STEP 7 – Reset the Query Tool and then run a Query for Profitable Class 1 AND Class 2 Flat Trainers over 5f and 6f from 1/1/2017 to the present date. Then put in place the following filters listed below. Minimum 10 Runs, Min 10% Win% and Min Impact Value (IV) of 1.25. This gives the list of filtered trainers listed below.


STEP 8 – Add this list of trainers to filters for this Angle by clicking on the little + button next to their name. You can also add in manually, some other selective trainers you deem to be ‘Class' trainers but these are the guys who have the decent strike-rates and who outperform with their sprinters in Class contests. Not all will be profitable, but we are looking to combine these trainers with the previous list of profitable sprinter sires.

STEP 9 – Under the SIRE tab, add in the list of SIRE's you gathered from STEPS 4-6.

STEP10 – SET CLASS to 1-3 only and then Generate Report. Click on ADD ANGLE, give it a unique name and click VIEW RUNNERS to see upcoming qualifiers that match the 5f – 6f profitable sire list combined with class trainers. The below are a list of qualifiers for the week ahead. 

You can also click on QUALIFIERS and view a list of previous qualifiers and how they have performed as displayed below. I'd suggest perhaps a minimum odds filter of around 4/1 or so. If you had backed the list of sires and trainers in 5f and 6f Class 1-3 contests since 2017, then you would have seen a profit of +105.5pts and a 13% ROI. As you can see below, this would have identified some decent winners at York in August including Mums Tipple, Threat and 20/1 winner Owney Madden. Ideally, this is best used in combination with the FTS ratings. You can pick up a subscription to our ratings and Best Bets service via WhatsApp here.

You can also view the graphical format by selecting sire, trainer or whatever and seeing at a glance, the most profitable sires – in this case HANNON, DASCOMBE, BOTTI and COLE are 4 notable trainers while the sires APPROVE, BATED BREATH and DUBAWI standout.


Hopefully, you can see above the power of GeeGeez Gold Query Tool to create your own systems to track and be able to get an edge on 99.9% of punters who don't use this software, which is a value £1 per month just to try it out. Something else I do is have a list of profitable sires on good to firm or firm and those on soft or heavy – this gives me additional evidence to ensure that the progeny have their optimum conditions and give extra strength behind a selection.

The next few blog posts will feature a review of the 2yo's to keep an eye on for the next few months of the flat season, then there will be a review of sprinters to follow also. Sprint races have a lot more variance than the mile types, as so much depends on a good break from the stalls, where the pace is, the draw and luck and running. I'll bear that in mind when looking for sprinters to follow. 

I suggest you take out a subscription to GeeGeez Gold so you can find these qualifiers each day, they are also flagged on the GeeGeez Gold racecard. These systems work best when used in conjuction with the FTS ratings and you can join here and get the ratings and Best Bets via WhatsApp. I'll post qualifiers from these filters for a while on Twitter under the Hashtag #Sprintwatch