Finding potential future Classic Winners using GeeGeez Gold

Finding potential future Classic Winners using GeeGeez Gold

Something I like to do at this time of year, in early September, is to take a look at some notable 2yo's from a breeding and trainer perspective. I firmly believe that the best way to look at potentially Group 1 class 3yo's is to look at the breeding record of the 2yo progeny, combined with a shortlist of quality, Group 1 proven trainers and merge the two. That's what I've done in this brief list of notable 2yo's that have appeared so far and will post Daily Qualifiers on Twitter.

These qualifiers can easily be researched and other 2yo systems built, with daily qualifiers highlighted, using the excellent GeeGeez Gold Query Tool. It only costs £1 for your first month and you will find the Query Tool facility alone, invaluable, along with their excellent racecards and Pace maps.

I thought I would show how easy it is to find strong, well-bred runners with a class trainer – which for me is the best way to track potentially top-class 2yo runners that could go on to make their mark as a 3yo in Group races.

STEP 1 – Fire Up the Query Tool in GeeGeez Gold and select “FLAT TURF” as the Race Code and the Date Range for 1st Jan 2017 – 31st Dec 2017

STEP 2 – Select Race Distances between 7 furlongs to 1 mile and the Age Min Max set to 2, so we just focus on juvenile runners.

STEP 3 – Click the checkbox next to SIRE and then Click on GENERATE REPORT to see the list of all qualifying sires.

STEP 4 – Filter these SIRES by Minimum of 10 Runs, Min 10% Win% and Min Win PL of +10. These provides a shortlist of profitable 2yo 7f/1m sires list from 2017. Repeat this step for the years 2018 and 2019 as below.

STEP 5 – Change the dates to 2018 and click Generate Report. This provides a shortlist of profitable 2yo 7f/1m sires list from 2018, listed below.

STEP 6 – Change the dates to 2019 and click Generate Report. This provides a shortlist of profitable 2yo 7f/1m sires list from 2019, listed below. Take a note of all the 2017/18/19 profitable sires on Notepad or somewhere.

STEP 7 – Reset the Query Tool and then run a Query for Profitable Class 1 Flat Trainers from 1/1/2017 to the present date. Then put in place the following filters listed below. Minimum 10 Runs, Min 10% Win% and Min Impact Value (IV) of 1.25. This gives the list of filtered trainers listed below.

STEP 8 – Add this list of trainers to filters for this Angle by clicking on the little + button next to their name. You can also add in manually, some other selective trainers you deem to be ‘Class' trainers but these are the profitable guys who outperform.

STEP 9 – Under the SIRE tab, add in the list of SIRE's you gathered from STEPS 4-6.

STEP 10 – Set AGE Min and Max to 2.

STEP11 – SET CLASS to 1-4 only and then Generate Report. Click on ADD ANGLE, give it a unique name and click VIEW RUNNERS to see upcoming qualifiers that match the 7f – 1m profitable sire list combined with class trainers. The below are a list of qualifiers for today (13th September 2019)

You can also click on QUALIFIERS and view a list of previous qualifiers and how they have performed as displayed below.

You can also view the graphical format by selecting sire, trainer or whatever and seeing at a glance, the most profitable sires – in this case Kingman is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of ROI.

Finally, all qualifiers are displayed in the little Query Tool box below, which expanded gives a list of the returns from backing this combination of sire/trainers under today's conditions.


Hopefully, you can see above the power of GeeGeez Gold Query Tool to create your own systems to track and be able to get an edge on 99.9% of punters who don't use this software, which is a value £1 per month just to try it out.

In the next blog article I'm going to post a review of 2yo's from the list of qualifiers to keep an eye on through the rest of the season. Some people use the clock or other time-based methods but my experience has taught me that is unreliable as a guide and to trust in the solid breeding stats and skills of a class trainer able to get the best out of their juveniles and 3yo's. This filter can be adapted to search for 3yo's at 1m – 1m 4f in the early stages of the season, to spot potential classic winners, if they had not already been highlighted as a 2yo. It's also important to update the sire list at the end of each season and add any new ones to the list, as well as any up and coming trainers that have broken their Group 1-winning duck.

I suggest you take out a subscription to GeeGeez Gold so you can find these qualifiers each day. I'll post qualifiers from these filter for a while on Twitter under the Hashtag #SireWatch



FTS Ratings and Stats Review

FTS Ratings and Stats Review

I've performed detailed analysis of the FTS Ratings that were introduced in late June 2019 and you can download here a full spreadsheet of the results, stats, winners and example ratings & WhatsApp message that gets sent to subscribers with the day's ratings link and Best Bets betting advice. I had always had in mind that these ‘new' ratings, although based on 10+ years FBR and POW ratings, would take some time to ‘bed in' but their performance has so far exceeded my expectations.

Details of what is on the spreadsheet is below and the breakdown of the top-rated performance is below, as you can see a nice 5.3% Yield at SP which can be bettered by taking BSP and still further by taking best Early Prices (EP) when ratings are sent. In fact taking early prices gives +73.3pts profit and a 22% Yield – not many ratings services can provide such profits, simply by backing their top-rated contender at the best early prices. It's especially good that profits still exist at SP, so I'm really happy with this achievement.


AH – All-Weather Handicaps

JHC = Jumps Handicap Chases

JHH = Jumps Handicap Hurdles

FH = Flat Handicaps

FN = Flat Non-Handicaps

STATS TAB – This contains a summary of the overall performance and profitability of the top-rated on the ratings, and also broken down by race type and month. All P&L is calculated at Industry Starting Price (SP). As you can see there is a massive difference between the early price profits (give or take the odd non-runner) of +73.3pts profit compared to +17.7pts profit at SP. There is also an increase of up to 17% Yield by taking best early prices, which highlights the importance of taking an early price on top-rated runners, they get backed!

TopRated TAB – A list of all the top-rated runners that have been rated along with their early odds and price movement from those odds to SP. I also intend to add an age column, perhaps avoiding 2yo races for instance and more filtered results for class of race etc. Time may tell it's best to avoid the betting shorter-priced runners over time, if they provide less of a percentage edge, or at least only focusing on certain race types. ie. Group 1's or when combined with the position of the horse in the betting forecast. No. Of Runners will also be added when time permits, to assess ratings performance by field size groupings.

Winners TAB – A list of all the winners of the rated races.

BetfairSP Snapshot TAB – BetfairSP will also give a significant improvement if early prices or BOG are not possible. As you can see from the BetfairSP Snapsot. The % increase in price increases as the odds range increases, meaning you could take BSP and get a profitable increase of an estimated 15-18% compared to SP. I have not recorded all BSP's, as they are no longer available to download from Betfair due to technical issues, so I have to input them manually and it will take a while.


June/July – I was really happy with the ratings performance at the end of June when they were just really going live after testing for a month or two, and again they performed really well all through July. There were also a couple of notable 2nd-rated winners, a few of which were advised to subscribers including Great White Shark at 33/1 at the Galway festival. The POW ratings came into effect in July and helped to find Stewards Cup winner Khaadeem, advised at 10/1, this is now incorporated and weighted into the main FTS Rating.

August – The first two weeks of August started great, with a record +£39 profit achieved on the 17th August, THEN, York Ebor meeting happened and was the cause of most of the pain for the month. However, it's worth pointing out that we did have 7 x Top-Rated, shorter priced winners at the festival and a) this meeting is ultra-competitive and b) how many top-rated 2nd's we had, no fewer than 9 x 2nd place finishers at the York Ebor meeting including Agincourt (14/1) beaten a head on the Thursday and Celtic Art (14/1) beaten a neck on Friday. Either one of those would have put us in profit for the month and is simply betting variance. The V%'s were also incorporated in mid-August to assist with value-based ratings analysis and selections.

Most people will quit a service around this time after a poor run at a big festival, but it always makes sense to dig deeper and see the overall performance of the ratings and not get too swayed by short-termism, the punters biggest downfall. There are several big festivals left on the flat through September – October and I expect profits and consistency to increase.

September – Started well with Francis Xavier returning a nice 17 BSP and Hello Youmzain 8/1 in the Haydock Sprint Cup and 2nd-rated Time To Study advised at 12/1 in the Old Borough Cup.

Going Forward

I will be looking at further race filtering to improve the advised Best Bet performance (have not had time to get those results up to date yet) but my focus is on the ratings performance improvement, statistical analysis of the results and seeing, in what kind of conditions, we can give ourselves the best chance of success when backing a top-rated contender and which races/runners to swerve. As the average odds about top-rated contenders is higher than the market-ranked runners, then I will be happy to achieve a regular 25%-28% strike-rate over the month, anything lower than that could results in a small loss.

The “Class” results on the Stats page make it clear to avoid rating Class 6 (and maybe even Class 5) contests, simply due to overall poor quality at those levels and also to perhaps swerve the Group 1 races, most likely flat Group 1 contests where the odds are much more restrictive and harder to make an overall profit, despite having a near 10% improvement in strike-rate compared to all other class of race. The key here may be to only back a top-rated Class 1 contender that has a positive V% perhaps or go for the forecast 1-2 on the ratings as we have landed quite a few for decent returns. As we can see from the table below, summarising the above, by class of race.

I have made a change today to the FTS rating to exclude one of the overall model criteria in certain race contests, and this should ensure profits are more easily achieved on top-rated runners going forward. I will largely focus on Top-Rated runners but will throw in the odd selection from 2nd or 3rd on the ratings, if the top-rated is too short and I feel there is value to be had. The Top-3 on the ratings provide almost 50% of the winners after all so it's a good area to focus on. So long as I am seeing a slight increase in the Win% of the Top1, 2, 3 by the end of the flat season, then I will be happy – that is the main goal and more regular winners will inevitably follow.

Beware Handicap Hurdles

The performance of jumps races will be a little volatile as the season starts to wind up properly in October, just until there is enough data as there is on the flat (1-2 months) before you see more stability and profitability. It's early days with small samples just now and need to wait till they get over the 50 and preferably 100 rated races mark. Handicap Hurdles I will not be advising bets in as I have always believed they required a slightly unique model which I plan to have ready for the start of October once more races have been rated and I feel more confident in the figures and see strike-rate improvement into the 20%+ bracket like the others.

I will be looking for these ratings, stats and results to be automatically updated on the main FormBet website at some point in the near future, including a site re-design, so subscribers can keep an eye on progress and track results in real-time.

Any questions please get in touch via the Contact page or join now for just £1 a month and get the ratings and best bets via WhatsApp for all rated races. I generally focus on Class 4 races or above so on really poor days racing, often early in the week, there might not be any ratings. However, those ‘missed' days are made up for by the number of bets on the weekend and at the big meetings.



Melrose & Ebor Trends Selections

This Saturday 24th August, sees a couple of cracking handicaps in the Melrose and Ebor. Trends analysis is an excellent way to narrow down the field and can give additional strength behind selections used via a ratings, or alternative, method.

Thankfully, GeeGeez publishes trends for all the big-races and using GeeGeez Gold, you can really narrow down qualifiers, or rather rule out non-qualifiers, much easier and quicker. These two races took me 10 minutes.


One of the strongest trends is that 14 of the 16 winners had not raced at York before and 14 of 16 also had 4 or more runs that season. 

The next strongest trends are 12/16 which are “Won carrying 9-0 or less”, “Had won over 12f or further” and “Had a Top-5 finish last time out”. 

The only real strong'ish trend that remains is 10/16 were drawn in stall 8 or lower. 

Those trends get us down to just 2 qualifiers, JUST HUBERT 16/1 and LAND OF OZ 10/1 so take your pick from that pair. I'll probably go with the one that is highest on my ratings for the race, which are already available to subscribers – you can join today here, and get access to all Saturday's rated races.


I've backed some great winners of this race over the years, some from trends analysis, most from ratings and this year I'm pretty confident with the FTS ratings and trends combination to have a couple of chances of finding the winner.

We start with the 2 strongest trends 16/17 “Carried 9-4 or less” and were “Aged 6 or younger”. Amazingly, that leaves us with 6 from the potential 24-strong field. 

We then look at the next strongest trends, 14/17 “Won from a double-figure stall” and “Had won at least over 12f before).

That gets us to 3 contenders DRAMATIC QUEEN 25/1, and both the 2 reserves, CYPRESS CREEK 20/1 and PROSCHEMA 20/1

The ideal scenario is that none of the reserves take part and leaves us with a solo trends bet in DRAMATIC QUEEN at 25/1. However, if both the trends picks get in then we can look to the next strongest trend which is 12/17 “Carried 9-1 or less” – that would give us a sole qualifier in PROSCHEMA, so keep an eye on non-runners would be my advice, back DRAMATIC QUEEN and look to follow up with PROSCHEMA if it takes part. 

Sunday Pontefract Ratings

Sunday Pontefract Ratings

The new FTS Ratings have been on fire since being implemented just over a month ago. First we showed a +54pts profit during Galway and Glorious Goodwood, including a +28pts profit and a 215% on the Saturday where Stewards Cup winner Khaadem was advised at 10/1. Then today we showed a huge +41pts profit and 219% Yield thanks to wins for Growl at 9/1 and Dakota Gold at 8/1, amongst others. The Top-Rated runners are performing with amazing consistently.

You can join now and receive all the ratings through the week, including Best Bets advice, all provided instantly, via WhatsApp, usually the day before racing, direct to your phone. I only rate Class 3 contests or better, occassionally a decent Class 4 contest, but never lower than that as then you have issues with consistency.

Join Now

Next week sees the start of the York Ebor meeting where I am expecting more substantial profits and am sure the Ebor winner will be high-rated on the ratings, the ratings model improves and learns with each race rated, no need to look at sectional figures or stride patterns, which many see as the next great thing, but actually just add more confusion and muddy the waters.

I've been rating races for the best part of 20+ years and these new FTS ratings are by far and away the most consistent I've produced at finding regular strong favourites, mixed with value-priced winners.

*UPDATE – New Value Odds and Value % Figures now available on ratings*

I've got an example of a couple of races at Pontefract tomorrow, sadly there are no strong selections as there were today or during Goodwood but they give you an idea of where the value may lie, and what favourites may be worth opposing.


JABBAAR 7/1 and FINAL 8/1 only have 1pt separating them and it's hard to choose between them so I'd probably favour a split stakes approach, with slightly more on the top-rated. Busy Street is next best on the ratings and could surprise them both but I've learned to trust the ratings and not stray too far, unless the odds warrant it. Ultimately, it looks like the favourite Hereby is worth opposing as it's quite far behind the others on the raw figures.



Almost a carbon copy of the previous race, although this time, the market seems to have things right with SHADES OF BLUE 7/2 and TAPISSERIE 9/2 only separated by 1pt, this time though there is enough of a gap to suggest that they will have this between them. There are three schools of thought here, first, we could go with the slightly better value on Tapisserie. Secondly, we could just trust in SHADES OF BLUE. The other option is to use one of the selections as a cover bet for the other. So you could stake 1pt on TAPISSERIE and 4pts on SHADES OF BLUE. Ultimately, the ratings are there for subscribers to use as they please. For subscribers tomorrow I would advise no bet in this race and the split stakes on the Top-2 in the 2:30.

We can also see that TAPISSERIE is marginally the better value call on the new V% figures.

I hope you can see the benefit of these ratings, they will transform your betting and below are the type of advise you will receive via WhatsApp. Get on board in time for the York Ebor meeting and you will not be disappointed.


Shergar Cup Ratings & Bets

Shergar Cup Ratings & Bets

The Shergar Cup is often treated with disdain by racing ‘purists' but it's a fun day out for many, we even had a FormBet raceday there a few years back, made some money and had a good time.

I've decided to post the main FTS Rating for each race of the Shergar Cup, including which team/jockey would end up with the most points on the day. The ratings can be used to determine decent win selections in each race, and I've given a few points, although the final selections are for the sole viewing of FTS Private Subscribers, but you can of course use the ratings how you please. The POWer rating is a backup rating to use for additional confirmation or high POW-Rated, value bets.

You can join for £30 per month here and get ratings and Best Bet selections each day via WhatsApp, there are an additional 8 races rated away from Ascot today. We showed a +54pts profit and over 100% Yield for all Goodwood and Galway bets last week including winners at 33/1, 10/1, 8/1, 11/2, 9/2 and many more at shorter odds.

Onto the Shergar Cup races at Ascot on Saturday, you can skip to the summary at the bottom if you just want the bets.

Ascot 1:05 With Jamie Kah (Final Venture 7/1) and Hayley Turner's (Lancelot Du Lac 14/1) rides in the Top-4 of the ratings, they should grab some points here. However, both Gerald Moss (Danzeno 3/1) and Adrie De Vries (Corinthia Knight 13/2) could also get some points and sneak the win. I just favour the girls here.

Ascot 1:40 This looks good for Europe with Filip Minarik (What A Welcome 7/1) and Gerald Moss (Time To Study 10/1) in the Top-2 of the FTS. Next best is probably Great Britain and Ireland rider Jamie Spencer (Alfredo 16/1) who has some each-way appeal and Nanako Fujita (Blue Laureate 7/1) able to get some points for the girls. I'd expect Europe to increase their advantage after this race with some more points for the girls as well to hold onto 2nd.

Ascot 2.15 You don't often get this many horses tied for 2nd so this could be trappy but no arguing that Hayley Turner (Melting Dew 8/1) could again figure and get some girl points. However, the Rest of the World have all 3 of their riders in those tied on 2nd and could get off the mark. It's worth noting Filip Minarik's name appearing again (Mandarin 5/1) who is 2nd on FTS and POW as well as Adrie De Vries POW1 runner (Restorer 14/1). The girls may close the gap slightly on Europe but that could be cancelled out by Europe's strongly rated contenders. Trappy race.

Ascot 2:50 This may be booked for the Rest of The World, in particular Vincent Chak-Yiu Ho (Power of Darkness 4/1). Adrie De Vries (Original Choice) name appears again for Europe with ROW's Mark Zahra (Breden 12/1). ROW's Yugo Kawada (Zwayyan 8/1) could also get some points as could Jamie Kah (Another Batt 7/1). This could go to the Rest of the World with some points for Europe and the girls.

Ascot 3:25 Tadhg O'Shea (Vivid Diamond 4/1) could get some much needed, although likely too late, points for GB & Ireland and Danny Tudhope (Boerhan 9/1) may also sneak some points. However, it's Hayley Turner (Sapa Inca 11/2) again that could win this as there is litle to separate them on FTS and she tops the POW ratings. Mark Zahra (Never Do Nothing 5/1) can also sneak some points for ROW.  I'd just favour GB & IRE here for points although a win for Hayley could swing it the girls way.

Ascot 4:00 A Jamie Spencer (Victory Day 5/2) and Hayley Turner (Pass The Vino 5/1) matchup here backed up by ROW's Mr Ho (Magical Wish 12/1) and Jamie Kah (Junius Brutus 12/1) for the girls. I think it's hard to get away from Spencer's mount but a strong showing from the girls and Turner could surprise.


I see this as a 2-horse race for the outright title. I expect Europe to get off to a strong start in the first few races with the girls following closely behind, then both GB & Ireland and Rest of the World splitting points in the next few races. The key will be the final 2 races, where I don't expect Europe to get too many points and my idea of the winning team, THE GIRLS 3/1 could get decent points in both the final 2 races and head Europe, with GB & IRE finishing strongly up the rail.






In terms of individual riders, it's hard to get away from HAYLEY TURNER 6/1, from a pure ratings perspective and perfect timing during a week there has been a lot of talk about female riders, allowances and competing on equal terms. I expect them to ram certain sexist pundits comments down their throats. Another worth looking at, from an each-way perspective, is ADRIE DE VRIES 12/1 who has a number of decent, high-rated bookings for Europe.

Finding More Winners Using GeeGeez Gold

Finding More Winners Using GeeGeez Gold

If you are not using GeeGeez Gold for your horse racing analysis, you are seriously missing out. Other packages like Proform will cost you over £1200 a year – yes, a year(!), compared to the equally feature-rich and far more user-friendly GeeGeez Gold at £297 a year, with the first month trial only £1. That will save you close to £1000 a year, enough for a decent betting bank.

You can build systems and customise your own ratings as you please, GeeGeez also included Racing Post RPR and Topspeed figures alongside Peter May's Speed figures. Matt at GeeGeez is constantly adding new functionality and records detailed and informative videos detailing how to get the best out of the software.

Yesterday at York, you could have found 2 well-backed winners with FIRST ELEVEN (available at 11/2 early on) and SPACE BLUES (available at 7/1 the previous evening) simply by looking at the breeding (they both had the best sire stats in their respective races) and the trainer/jockey form recently, at the course and the Trainer/Jockey Combo figures (screenshots below). As well as a few other pointers like First Eleven dropping in class (down arrow) and Charlie Appleby's record with first-time handicappers, evidenced by the HC pointer.

I prefer to compare all the stats of all runners in a race, but for those looking for a quick selection – these highlighted positives are a real time-saver, and money saver – along with the Instant Expert, PACE and DRAW data. You can perform as much, or as little analysis, as you like – depending on how much time you have available to you.

They also have a full formbook, horse tracker, customised reporting, odds comparison and a £100 free tipping league for subscribers.

So, there is no point signing up to inferior, or the more expensive, flashy services. Save yourself some time, money and take out a 1-month trial to GeeGeez Gold today for just £1, it will transform your betting and help to grow your betting bankroll.