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Something I like to do at this time of year, in early September, is to take a look at some notable 2yo's from a breeding and trainer perspective. I firmly believe that the best way to look at potentially Group 1 class 3yo's is to look at the breeding record of the 2yo progeny, combined with a shortlist of quality, Group 1 proven trainers and merge the two. That's what I've done in this brief list of notable 2yo's that have appeared so far and will post Daily Qualifiers on Twitter.

These qualifiers can easily be researched and other 2yo systems built, with daily qualifiers highlighted, using the excellent GeeGeez Gold Query Tool. It only costs £1 for your first month and you will find the Query Tool facility alone, invaluable, along with their excellent racecards and Pace maps.

I thought I would show how easy it is to find strong, well-bred runners with a class trainer – which for me is the best way to track potentially top-class 2yo runners that could go on to make their mark as a 3yo in Group races.

STEP 1 – Fire Up the Query Tool in GeeGeez Gold and select “FLAT TURF” as the Race Code and the Date Range for 1st Jan 2017 – 31st Dec 2017

STEP 2 – Select Race Distances between 7 furlongs to 1 mile and the Age Min Max set to 2, so we just focus on juvenile runners.

STEP 3 – Click the checkbox next to SIRE and then Click on GENERATE REPORT to see the list of all qualifying sires.

STEP 4 – Filter these SIRES by Minimum of 10 Runs, Min 10% Win% and Min Win PL of +10. These provides a shortlist of profitable 2yo 7f/1m sires list from 2017. Repeat this step for the years 2018 and 2019 as below.

STEP 5 – Change the dates to 2018 and click Generate Report. This provides a shortlist of profitable 2yo 7f/1m sires list from 2018, listed below.

STEP 6 – Change the dates to 2019 and click Generate Report. This provides a shortlist of profitable 2yo 7f/1m sires list from 2019, listed below. Take a note of all the 2017/18/19 profitable sires on Notepad or somewhere.

STEP 7 – Reset the Query Tool and then run a Query for Profitable Class 1 Flat Trainers from 1/1/2017 to the present date. Then put in place the following filters listed below. Minimum 10 Runs, Min 10% Win% and Min Impact Value (IV) of 1.25. This gives the list of filtered trainers listed below.

STEP 8 – Add this list of trainers to filters for this Angle by clicking on the little + button next to their name. You can also add in manually, some other selective trainers you deem to be ‘Class' trainers but these are the profitable guys who outperform.

STEP 9 – Under the SIRE tab, add in the list of SIRE's you gathered from STEPS 4-6.

STEP 10 – Set AGE Min and Max to 2.

STEP11 – SET CLASS to 1-4 only and then Generate Report. Click on ADD ANGLE, give it a unique name and click VIEW RUNNERS to see upcoming qualifiers that match the 7f – 1m profitable sire list combined with class trainers. The below are a list of qualifiers for today (13th September 2019)

You can also click on QUALIFIERS and view a list of previous qualifiers and how they have performed as displayed below.

You can also view the graphical format by selecting sire, trainer or whatever and seeing at a glance, the most profitable sires – in this case Kingman is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of ROI.

Finally, all qualifiers are displayed in the little Query Tool box below, which expanded gives a list of the returns from backing this combination of sire/trainers under today's conditions.


Hopefully, you can see above the power of GeeGeez Gold Query Tool to create your own systems to track and be able to get an edge on 99.9% of punters who don't use this software, which is a value £1 per month just to try it out.

In the next blog article I'm going to post a review of 2yo's from the list of qualifiers to keep an eye on through the rest of the season. Some people use the clock or other time-based methods but my experience has taught me that is unreliable as a guide and to trust in the solid breeding stats and skills of a class trainer able to get the best out of their juveniles and 3yo's. This filter can be adapted to search for 3yo's at 1m – 1m 4f in the early stages of the season, to spot potential classic winners, if they had not already been highlighted as a 2yo. It's also important to update the sire list at the end of each season and add any new ones to the list, as well as any up and coming trainers that have broken their Group 1-winning duck.

I suggest you take out a subscription to GeeGeez Gold so you can find these qualifiers each day. I'll post qualifiers from these filter for a while on Twitter under the Hashtag #SireWatch