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If you follow me on Twitter as @formbet, then you will know I have been posting researched System Qualifiers using GeeGeez Gold's excellent Query Tool. GeeGeez is amazing value and is capable of turning you from a losing/break-even punter into a very profitable one, but you do have to do a little bit of prep work.

I have been posting #SireWatch and #Sprintwatch qualifiers on Twitter for the last week or so but will be stopping after this weekend. The reason is that I have shown you how to use the filters and the rest is up to you and to join GeeGeez, or at least try it for the initial £1 a month to see the difference it can make to your betting.

You can find details of how to research and build these two systems on the following 2 blog posts -:

SireWatch – Finding Potential Classic Winners

SprintWatch – Finding Class Sprinters

I thought I would sign them off by a brief mention of some of the qualifiers racing this Saturday, the 20th September, which are at the bottom of this post.


They are really easy to spot on the GeeGeez Gold racecards once you have built your Query Tool angles, future qualifiers are highlighted on the cards like below and on the Query Tool “View Runners” tab itself as below.

So, you can go through each race after identifying them in the Query Tool and dig into a bit more detail on the breeding.

Now, the P&L figures on the racecards are for ALL the trainers and ALL the qualifying sires for that angle. On the sire snippets on the racecard, we can also see the additional, overall stats for War Front, useful when comparing against other sires progeny in the race. If you actually want to see how a particular trainer has done with all sires, or vice versa, or just one trainer/sire combo, then do the following. Let's say we want to see how Gosden has done with War Front. All we have to do is uncheck all the trainers except Gosden, extend the date to since 2009, select Sires and re-generate the angle to look at his stats with War Front. You can of course just keep one list of sires and then keep the trainer blank and enter his name only, for research purposes, whatever is easiest for you.

So we now can get a list of which of these sires Gosden performs best with by strike-rate/yield etc and in particular War Front, who is actually his 2nd highest strike-rate sire, under these conditions with juveniles, of course we have to be a bit wary of sample size. Below that, you can see the list of filters applied. This makes CHEROKEE TRAIL look a good bet tomorrow in the 1:10 at Newbury, purely based on the sire, stats, race conditions and other strong trainer/jockey data to back it up, BUT it's likely to be short-priced.


Newbury 1:10 CHEROKEE TRAIL 2yo (Gosden/War Front)

Newmarket 2:10 WASAAYEF 2yo (Gosden/Kingman) – Also was on my 2yo Eyecatchers blog post

Newmarket 2:10 QUEEN DAENERYS 2yo (Varian/Frankel)

Newbury 2:20 WALDSTERN 5/1 3yo (Gosden/Sea The Stars)

Newbury 3:30 FOREST OF DEAN 5/2 3yo (Gosden/Iffraaj)

Newbury 3:30 RISE HALL 12/1 4yo (Meade/Frankel)

Newbury 4:05 ESTABLISH 2yo (Varian/Australia)

Newbury 4:40 LARIAT 3yo (Balding/Poet's Voice)

Newbury 4:40 KOSCIUSZKO 3yo (Gosden/Austrlia)


Newbury 1:45 MAID IN INDIA 20/1 5yo (Alston/Bated Breath)

Ayr 2:40 JAWWAAL 25/1 4yo (Dods/Bahamian Bounty)

Ayr 3:50 BUFFER ZONE 11/2 4yo (Lyons/Bated Breath)

Ayr 3:50 AIR RAID 25/1 4yo (O'Keefe/Raven's Pass)

Ayr 3:50 LOUIE DE PALMA 25/1 7yo (Cox/Pastoral Pursuits)

Now, of course these are just a couple of angles to play and personally, I prefer it to find confirmation with my ratings to feel really confident as I always prioritise my ratings, especially with the older sprintwatch qualifiers. With the sirewatch qualifiers you can get a huge edge on the crowd, get an idea of formlines, get used to noticing specific trainers and sires in other situations automatically, and just become a smarter and more profitable punter. I highly recommend taking out a subscription to GeeGeez Gold.