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The new FTS Ratings have been on fire since being implemented just over a month ago. First we showed a +54pts profit during Galway and Glorious Goodwood, including a +28pts profit and a 215% on the Saturday where Stewards Cup winner Khaadem was advised at 10/1. Then today we showed a huge +41pts profit and 219% Yield thanks to wins for Growl at 9/1 and Dakota Gold at 8/1, amongst others. The Top-Rated runners are performing with amazing consistently.

You can join now and receive all the ratings through the week, including Best Bets advice, all provided instantly, via WhatsApp, usually the day before racing, direct to your phone. I only rate Class 3 contests or better, occassionally a decent Class 4 contest, but never lower than that as then you have issues with consistency.

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Next week sees the start of the York Ebor meeting where I am expecting more substantial profits and am sure the Ebor winner will be high-rated on the ratings, the ratings model improves and learns with each race rated, no need to look at sectional figures or stride patterns, which many see as the next great thing, but actually just add more confusion and muddy the waters.

I've been rating races for the best part of 20+ years and these new FTS ratings are by far and away the most consistent I've produced at finding regular strong favourites, mixed with value-priced winners.

*UPDATE – New Value Odds and Value % Figures now available on ratings*

I've got an example of a couple of races at Pontefract tomorrow, sadly there are no strong selections as there were today or during Goodwood but they give you an idea of where the value may lie, and what favourites may be worth opposing.


JABBAAR 7/1 and FINAL 8/1 only have 1pt separating them and it's hard to choose between them so I'd probably favour a split stakes approach, with slightly more on the top-rated. Busy Street is next best on the ratings and could surprise them both but I've learned to trust the ratings and not stray too far, unless the odds warrant it. Ultimately, it looks like the favourite Hereby is worth opposing as it's quite far behind the others on the raw figures.



Almost a carbon copy of the previous race, although this time, the market seems to have things right with SHADES OF BLUE 7/2 and TAPISSERIE 9/2 only separated by 1pt, this time though there is enough of a gap to suggest that they will have this between them. There are three schools of thought here, first, we could go with the slightly better value on Tapisserie. Secondly, we could just trust in SHADES OF BLUE. The other option is to use one of the selections as a cover bet for the other. So you could stake 1pt on TAPISSERIE and 4pts on SHADES OF BLUE. Ultimately, the ratings are there for subscribers to use as they please. For subscribers tomorrow I would advise no bet in this race and the split stakes on the Top-2 in the 2:30.

We can also see that TAPISSERIE is marginally the better value call on the new V% figures.

I hope you can see the benefit of these ratings, they will transform your betting and below are the type of advise you will receive via WhatsApp. Get on board in time for the York Ebor meeting and you will not be disappointed.